Hematite Beauty III
  • Hematite Beauty III


    I believe that every piece of jewellery I make is made for one very special person.  That one person who falls in love with it and wants to give it a new forever home.  


    This necklace combines the healing powers of hematite with the purity of silver to create a unique and unusual piece of jewellery.  It will compliment any wardrobe, whether it be sosphisticated or casual and you will fall in love with its elegance and beauty.


    The necklace is handmade from, highly polished and reflective, non magnetic hematite.  It is complimented with a centre piece made from fine silver, hallmark quality 999.  Shown in one picture alongside a 5p so you can judge the size.


    Hematite is renound for having health giving properties linked with its ability to absorb toxins from the body.  It is also believed that hematite helps to make you feel calmer, more centered and balanced.

    Hematite Beauty II, is ready to wear suspended on an 18 inch sterling silver belcher chain and comes boxed.


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