Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon


Do you walk with the dragon?


For many the dragon represents strength and protection.  This mystical creature is surrounded by symbolism and to walk with the dragon is to enter the realm of ancient magic and wisdom.


The pendant is domed and has a diameter of approx 28mm.  It is 

made from the finest silver and the dragon has been embelished with 24 carat gold plating.  


The pendant has been outline hallmarked fine silver 999, this is best seen with a mobile phone camera zoomed in as it is almost invisable to the naked eye.  The pendant is mounted on an 18 inch sterling silver snake chain.  It comes boxed in an anti tarnish box and is ready for you to wear.


N.B.  Please remember that plating will eventually wear off so care must be taken when cleaning and abrasives should be avoided on the gold plating.

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