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About SilvaFush

Hi, thank you for stopping by to take a look at SilvaFush Jewellery.

My name is Caron and I hand make all of the jewellery you will see.

SilvaFush was inspired by very dear friends, so my jewellery is made with the same love that I give to my nearest and dearest.

Silver is the metal of the soul or spirit, so I prefer to work in the purest form.  For my jewellery I use fine silver (unless otherwise stated), which is hallmark quality 999.

I also enjoy working with copper and gemstones.

Copper is the metal of the body. For centuries people have believed that it has health giving properties.  Copper is a versatile metal, it looks stunning as jewellery either polished or burnished.

I love working with the natural gems and stones that mother earth shares with us.  Each stone has specific qualities, vibrations and healing properties.  The stones and gems used are natural products (unless otherwise stated). Each stone possesses unique characteristics and features.

Please note that SilvaFush advises that gems and stones should be used as complementary therapy and not as an alternative to traditional medicine.

Please don't hesitate to contact SilvaFush if you need any further information.

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