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Unique, handmade jewellery, inspired by nature made with love.

Inspired by nature, made with love.

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Angels are loved and adored by many and here at SilvaFush Angel Wings are amongst our most popular jewellery pieces as they resonate with so many people, for so many different reasons.  Whether it be to remember a loved one, feel close to your guardian angel, inspiration or to remind yourself that you are special and you should allow your dreams to fly, these wings will rapidly become your go to necklace, in fact many who own a pair of our wings never take them off.


Our Angel Wings necklaces come in two forms fused and free flight, the preference for many is free flight because "everytime you hear them tinkle an angel gets its wings".


We also do Angel Wing earrings as studs, loops and french drop (an ear post like studs, though still enables the earrings to dangle) and Angel Wing charms will be available soon.


All wings are made from fine silver hallmark quality 999, the purest silver and come mounted on sterling silver chains, however if you prefer leather then please contact us.


If you would like to comission a special pair of wings uniquely yours then please make contact.