SilvaFush Jewellery

Unique, handmade jewellery, inspired by nature made with love.

Inspired by nature, made with love.

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Customer feedback is valued, that is the only way we know what our customers desire.


was inspired and initiated by friends, as such our silver jewellery is created with the same love, care and attention that one would give to family and friends.  


Silver is the metal of the spirit.  For our jewellery we use fine silver (unless otherwise stated), which has a silver content of 99.9%.

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was developed to celebrate the beauty of copper.  


Copper is the metal of the body and for centuries people have believed that it has health giving properties.  Copper is a versatile metal that looks stunning as jewellery in either the highly polished or burnished states.


has been created to showcase the lovely natural gems and stones that mother earth shares with us.  Each stone has specific qualities, vibrations and healing properties.  The stones and gems we use are natural products (unless otherwise stated) and as such each stone possesses unique charateristics and features.


Please note SilvaFush strongly advises that gems and stones should be used as complimentary therapy and should not be used as an alternative to traditional medicine.

Wonky Hearts

range came about following one of those evenings with friends, open fire, cheeky red, crisp white and calming teas.  By the end of the night we all agreed that we are perfectly imperfect and our hearts can be little wonky.


This range is not only for Valentines Day, but for everyday you want to tell someone you love them in your own unique way.  Love is more than one day a year, show you love someone anytime and for any reason.